Prime Suspect

My good friend and collaborator Nathan Harrison (with whom I created and performed The Mayfly Project) invited me to be a part of a new project as a one-off performance.

Entitled ‘Prime Suspect’, the installation performance takes place over a few hours (in this case, to the side of the stage at Performance Space’s ‘Nighttime: Talent Quest’) and sees professional mathletes Nathan and Jake try to achieve the impossible: finding the next highest prime number!

Finding the next prime number, by hand, on a whiteboard, is, of course, a completely preposterous idea, as the current record-holding prime number was discovered by a computer program, and is no less than 17.4 million digits long.

Despite the completely futile goal, we both impressed ourselves with how far we actually got: we detailed all of the prime numbers between 2 and 2179 – that’s 327 prime numbers, and a ruling-out of 1800+ non-primes.

Prime Suspect


Early this morning, I drove up to Careel Bay and found myself once again on the Woronora (not the river, the Dutch Schooner that I sail on from time to time). We went for a sail up the bay and out into the ocean for a while. The highlight, apart from the whole damn time, was when a pod of about a dozen dolphins swam across the bow of the ship! They came within a metre of us, and looked like they were pretty amused.