Moving to Sydney, Part 1

I am currently on a bit of a scouting voyage with a few members of The Button Collective, camping in a friend’s backyard in the serene, relaxing suburb of Sydenham, where the incredibly loud 747 passenger jets only take off overhead once every ten minutes.

We’re down here to look at some houses and get our feet in the doors of a few venues, pubs, and bars. So far we’ve heard from just about everyone that the renting market in Sydney – at least in the trendier areas of the Inner West – is ferocious, with so much competition that even excellent applicants have a hard time locking down a place to live. The Button Collective are a few rungs down the ladder from “excellent applicants,” at least on paper. As four self-employed musicians we don’t really seem like the most reliable of candidates, though we are certainly more dedicated to making our music careers work than many other musicians I’ve come across.

It will likely be a tough, hard going, and lengthy process. But what worthwhile thing isn’t?

The Falls Music and Arts Festival

The Button Collective at Falls FestivalThrough a few mutual connections, The Button Collective had the extreme pleasure of playing four sets over the course of the Byron Bay Falls Festival, which took place over the New Year holiday (December 30, 2013 – January 3, 2014). I think for each of us, these were some of the best shows we have ever played.

I feel so lucky to have been involved in such an amazing festival – from the moment I arrived I knew that this music festival was something different from any other I had been to. The prize jewel in the crown, however, was the Villiage area, a more arts-oriented space in between the two main stages, and in which The Button Collective were scheduled to play four sets.

The Button Collective at Falls FestivalWe made some great new friends; saw some amazing bands, circus performers, puppeteers, and other acts; and are all hugely pumped to be involved with more festivals in the future.

One of the best parts of the whole festival was having our new found friend Kurt Petersen along for the ride with us, pointing cameras every which way and capturing all the fun we had, on stage and off.