Jake Pember is an astronomer, musician, and composer living and working in Sydney. He is a graduate of Southern Cross University’s Contemporary Music program, and has several years of experience in composing, performing, and producing music in various styles. Jake is also currently undertaking studies in astronomy and astrophysics at Macquarie University, and is interested in tying astronomy and music together in new, creative ways.

Jake works as a performing musician and composes programmatic music, as well as specialising in alternative composition techniques including microtonal music and data sonification. Much of his music takes scientific data and transforms it into a musical form that may be used for meaningful scientific and statistical analysis. In the past three years, he has collaborated with other artists, animators, filmmakers and theatre makers in the development and production of various works, including performance lecture The Mayfly Project and experimental interactive technology piece Telemetry with Nathan Harrison, Hectoring Apocalyptica with Nathan Harrison, Rachel Roberts, and Emma McManus, continuing to perform with folk and bluegrass band The Button Collective around Australia, and pursuing further studies.